The Experience of Creating My First App on Flutter

Publication: 27 of October, 2020
After taking some time from this forum, and starting in a new job, I came back to post and will post regurlaly on here.
Like around 2 months ago I started the endeavor of getting into mobile development using Flutter, at first it was dauting as I never used Android Studio with all the buttons ans stuff, but then I start getting deeper on it and found an amazing world powered by Dart that was easy to master because of the knowledge of Javascript.
I learned very interesting stuff like when you want to set a variable you don't need 'var' necesarilly but you set the type of the variable: Future when you are using async, String to set like the name says a strting, Double to set a number with a decimal, Int when you want to decalre an integer, etc.
As well on how the Stateless and Stateful widgets work what can you set on each and every one of them and how private variables if you want a varialbe to be check only inside a file and you do so adding a underscore "_" in front of the name of the variable how to build constructors addinf final to the variable and many more things. As my progress in FLutter continue I will be posting regurlarly on here to let you guys know about differtent projects that I am creating to sharpend my skills and in the creation of tools so people ca use it on the daily basis.
You can check out my project by going to portafolio and you will get the dictionary app, you can click on the website and it will take to the play store, and you can find the User Aggerment in top bar. Thank you guys and happy coding.

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