How to make a Clock with Javascript
Publication: 3 of March, 2020
In this post will go to learn how to make a clock with JavaScript, it will be a project that at the end we can watch on localhost on your computer, but we are going to start for what you guys have come for.
We start by creating a directory with the name of Clock, and we will created ... Read more Create a Fetch API to send JSON to the Server
Publication: 3 of March, 2020
Hi guys today we are going to dive into how I struggle to create a connection to the server from the JavaScript file of the web page to the server that is in NodeJS
What I was trying to achieve back then, was to send JSON data that contained the id of the button that the user clicked... Read more Differences with Reduce, Map and Filter in JS
Publication: 5 of March, 2020
Today we are going to review reduce, map and filter with Javascript.
All of these are array methods that test each element of the array, for example reduce, with reduce we execute a reducer function on each element of the array, resulting in a single output value, like this.
... Read more How to create a cookie with Node JS and Express JS
Publication: 5 of March, 2020
Hello today we are going to create, request and send cookies with NodeJS, as many of you know a cookie is a small piece of information from a website store on your computer browser.
So I´m going to use Brackets as a code editor, I created a directory with the name of cookies in my co... Read more How to create a Search Bar
Publication: 5 of March, 2020
This is a project that, I wanted to create a time ago and is like the title states, a Search Bar using Javascript, so let´s go there.
First we create a new directory of folder with the name Search-Bar in our User folder or C: in the computer , and you can use any text editor that you... Read more Inline IF statement
Publication: 22 of March, 2020
The inline if statement or Conditional (ternary) operator like it´s call as well it´s a very useful statement for the simpleness compare to the normal if statement like if (variable === true) { ...., it´s the only Javascript operator that takes 3 operands. That is a condition followed by a quest... Read more Connect to PostgresSQL with NodeJS
Publication: 3 of May, 2020
I am currently working in an application that need it to connect to a PostgreSQL database, after some research and of course trial and error, I found the way, that you will see. I installed PgAdmin that is a Database management tool that it´s very useful to manage PostgreSQL.
First w... Read more The Experience of Creating My First App on Flutter
Publication: 27 of October, 2020
After taking some time from this forum, and starting in a new job, I came back to post and will post regurlaly on here.
Like around 2 months ago I started the endeavor of getting into mobile development using Flutter, at first it was dauting as I never used Android Studio with all t... Read more How to Deploy a React App to Heroku
Publication: 1 of December, 2020
Hello Guys, today, I am going to show you how you can deploy a React App to Heroku, as I have found many blogs on the Internett that do not provided accurate information about it.
We are going to focus if you already have a react app created, so go ahead and opend your terminal and C... Read more Why Redux is so good?
Publication: 3 of April, 2021
After like two weeks on getting to know Redux, I have found that it's a very usefult tool for any developer that is working on large and constatly changing applications, it's very useful for React developers as the format it's very similar 'not the same' as React, with Redux you can update the s... Read more How to make an Api in React JS
Publication: 17 of April, 2021
Today we are going to check how to make and API request in a React Component and how to update the Component in the process.
First we start by creating you React App, you can name it whatever you want, one you create you React app your files should look like below, if you are wonderi... Read more My Impressions of ABAP
Publication: 20 of November, 2021
Hello everyone, long time not posting in here, lately I have been learning a lot of new stuff in my new job, like LDAP, ABAP, and many other stuff so I am very exited to learn all of these. In this post I will share my opinion of ABAP.
For the people that don't know ABAP is a fourth-ge... Read more

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