Why Redux is so good?

Publication: 3 of April, 2021
After like two weeks on getting to know Redux, I have found that it's a very usefult tool for any developer that is working on large and constatly changing applications, it's very useful for React developers as the format it's very similar 'not the same' as React, with Redux you can update the state of the application using events they call actions.
As well as the flow of the infromation when you build a self-contained app, the the phases been: State, View, Actions, which it's helpful becuase is a centralized place containing the global state of whatever application you are building, another great aspect of Redux it's the Immutability, as you know we can change the Object and Arrays in Javascript, in Redux before you change an Object or Array you have to copy it and then change it, this is very helpful for tracking purposes and a lot more easier to find bugs.
Another very useful aspect of Redux are the Reducers, a reducer is a function that receives the current state and an object, then it decides how to update the state and it returns the new state, like: (state, action) => newState.
These were a few aspects of what Redux is an amazing tool to build application moreover as taking very logical steps on different Objects that library has to offer, you can check the Redux library here: Redux Website. You can click on the link and will take you to the main website.

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