My Impressions of ABAP

Publication: 20 of November, 2021
Hello everyone, long time not posting in here, lately I have been learning a lot of new stuff in my new job, like LDAP, ABAP, and many other stuff so I am very exited to learn all of these. In this post I will share my opinion of ABAP.
For the people that don't know ABAP is a fourth-generation programming language that is for primary use in SAP, ABAP stands for (Advance Business Application Programming) and it's used primarly for building business applications.
At the beginning it was dauting to understand all of the environment in SAP GUI, what transaction to create classes, programs, tables, etc. After days and weeks of studying it, and of course testing it I got a grasp on what messages mean and where to go as well. The SAP Support Portal, is amazing on how well documented is and all of the resources it has and the learning Center Blew my mind.
ABAP language is nothing like I have seen before like Javascript or even PICK/BASIC, after reveiwing it is very similar to COBOL on how it declares the variables. For esample below we can see the basic on declaring a variable, setting up a type, if the variable it's going to be a number, string, character or boolean and then the value.
DATA (f) TYPE (type) VALUE (val). 
In the coming days I will be posting a basic tutorials on hwo to create from tables, programs and other stuff, stay tuned, see you all very, very soon, later.

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